Cadets are heavily involved in academic and cadet activities Monday through Friday.  Most weekends are left free for cadets to take passes or leaves.  Those required to remain on campus for disciplinary reasons perform cadets duties throughout the weekend under the supervision of GMC cadre.

Exceptions are weekends just prior to mid-term examinations and one weekend in the Fall when college alumni are welcomed back to the campus for a full weekend of parades and orientations. All cadets are required to remain on campus during these “closed” weekends to prepare for examinations and support campus-wide activities.  Cadets involved in various clubs (such as Drill and Ranger Challenge teams) and those playing varsity football may take part in various weekend competitions during the school year.

Freshman Year

Your leader training will revolve around personal development, followership, and peer leadership. As a Cadet private in the Corps of Cadets, you will have very little leadership responsibility which enables you to focus on your studies. To succeed at Georgia Military College you must forge a strong academic foundation during this crucial first year. Academic success, physical fitness, and an aptitude for leadership and responsibility will be the framework for future positions of leadership in the Corps of Cadets.

Sophomore Year

You leadership education focuses on leading a small team of four to five freshman Cadets as a team leader, or a squad of nine to ten Cadets as a squad leader. In these positions you will be completely responsible for the developments, academic success, physical fitness, and well being of each Cadet in your squad or team. Freshman Cadets will rely on your knowledge, professionalism, and expertise to guide them through their freshman year.