Admission to the GMC Corps of Cadets

Step Up and Stand Out!!

The Corps of Cadets
Georgia Military College is a Department of the Army designated Military Junior College. The College has accepted a mission of developing military leaders. The primary vehicle used for this purpose is the Corps of Cadets at the Milledgeville campus. The Corps is a semi-autonomous, self-governing body that provides military structure and discipline for all resident students and those non-resident students eligible to participate.

All members of the GMC Corps of Cadets are required to follow the guidelines established in the Cadet Guide or Blue Book, and the published policies, rules and regulations that govern the student population and the institution.

Who should participate on the Corps of Cadets?
Students who desire to be leaders and who are looking for an environment that will engage them in a structured military-style program which is both challenging and rewarding are they type of cadets we are looking for at GMC. This lifestyle is one that pushes cadets to improve themselves in every aspect of their lives. A cadet’s ability to adapt to the daily life that they enter here allows them to gain valuable life skills that will deliver a benefit far beyond their two years at GMC.

Attending a military college does not always mean a cadet plans to serve in the armed forces. What is gained from attending a military college and participating in the Corps of Cadets is the opportunity to develop leadership aptitudes along with knowledge of how to be a responsible citizen. All the while, cadets are participating in a rigorous academic curriculum and a structured lifestyle that offers myriad of benefits to all who chose to rise to the challenge.

Our Corps of Cadets is dynamic, challenging and not for everyone. If you’re not physically and mentally tough, and if you do not aspire to live by our values of Duty, Honor, Country, and our motto of “Character Above All,” then we encourage you to consider another institution.

This is not a place where the undisciplined should enroll. If you, or your parents, think “you need discipline” then this may not be the place for you. But if you are open minded, ready to be involved and are willing to demonstrate a strong desire to test yourself in a setting that is meant to provide you with an excellent foundation for your future, then it is time for you to Step Up and Stand Out!!

What are your chances of being accepted for admission as a cadet?
Not everyone who applies for admission will be offered an invitation to become a cadet at Georgia Military College.  You may receive a notice of admission based on your general academic qualifications, but you must also receive an official offer of admission to become a cadet from the Office of Admissions providing you with the necessary details on reporting to campus for the term you have been invited to enroll.

An invitation to become a cadet at GMC is presented based on several factors, which include:

  • Your qualifications and selection for the specific cadet program you have applied for.
  • Your overall academic background.
  • Your ability to provide the resources necessary to sustain your academic program while attending GMC.
  • And available space in the cadet dormitory (Baugh Barracks) is also a factor in offering invitations as we only have a total of 254 beds in the Barracks.

If you want to be a Georgia Military College Cadet, you are in the right place. Your admissions process will be handled by the GMC Office of Admissions in Milledgeville.  After you submit your application, if you still have any questions regarding the application process or your eligibility, please call or e-mail the cadet admissions staff at or 478-387-4947