A cadet’s average day is full of leadership opportunities, team-building experiences and camaraderie. It is a full, busy day and deliberately so.

 Formation 0550-0600 
 Physical Training 0600-0700 
 Breakfast 0630-0740 For Selected Cadets
 Reveille Formation 0750-0800 
 Cadet Common Training 0800-0850 
 Academic Classes 0900-1505 
 Lunch 1130-1330 
 Clubs 1530-1800 Mon
 Intramurals 1530-1730 Tue or Thurs
 Football Practice 1515-1800 Tue-Fri
 ROTC Training 1505-1800 Mon-Thur (Once per week)
 Dinner 1630-1850 
 Recall Formation 1830-1840 Sun
 Study Hall 1900-2130 Sun-Thur
 Cotillion (Fall Quarter Only) 2000-2200 Tue or Thur
 Personal Time / Prep Time 2130-2230 
 Call to Quarters / Quiet Time 2230-2300 Sun-Thurs
 Taps 2300 Sun-Thurs
 Bullring 1400-UTC Fri-Sat
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